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(7/28112): Motel 6 Uses Racial Epithet to Welcome Jazz Festival Guests PDF Print E-mail
Guest at Motel 6 in Sharonville, Ohio reports seeing "Hello Niggers" on their internal TV broadcast.




The President of the Dayton NAACP, Derrick Forward, made contact with our unit this morning to express concern that his member checked into a Motel 6 in Sharonville and read on their internal TV broadcast "Hello Niggers."  The Motel 6 is located at 3850 Hauck Road, Sharonville, Ohio 45241, telephone number is 513-563-1266.  The Motel 6 owner owes the entire Cincinnati region an apology and termination of all employees involved in this act.  "This behavior is despicable and Un-American," Christopher Smitherman, President of the Cincinnati NAACP said.
The Cincinnati NAACP independently called the location to ask if the Motel 6 had on their TV broadcast "Hello Niggers."  The person who answered the phone confirmed the information was true but provided no explanation or clarity of why.  It is my hope the public officials and leaders will hold the Motel 6 operator accountable.  "We thank the President Derrick Forward of the Dayton branch for investigating this issue by taking pictures and personally driving from Dayton to support his member.  The Cincinnati NAACP will be supportive to the Dayton branch to bring an amicable resolution," Smitherman said. 
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